Take your Daughter and Son to Work Day – April 27

Yesterday was “Take your son or daughter to Work Day”.  

I have read some articles about “take your child to work day”  and found discussions that this day is not productive for the workplace.  Although this thought may have crossed your mind as well, I do feel there are ways  to organize this day and still be productive.  I have actually had client visits on this day and had seen full day events for the children.  For a smaller company, a full day event may not work.  Some companies have consolidated the day and made this event for part of the day. This way the child feels part of the process and the company is able to participate.

I think when it comes to this day, the most important factor to consider is the child – the impact and the experience it gives the child.

Here is my experience. When I was very young around 6, my father took me to his work for a day.  Back then I do not believe this special day even existed. (1993- Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, when parents host their kids at the office to expand their career horizons. Originally called Take Our Daughters to Work Day, the event was founded in 1993 by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women).  My father and I drove into NYC. He was a foreign exchange broker for a large company.  The day is still very vivid in my mind some – 40 years later.  He took me up to this office. There were five staggered rows of desks, each tiered higher then the next, every desk had a phone and there were papers everywhere.  In front of all the desks, a whiteboard appeared with all colored writing. It was the largest I had even seen covering the entire wall.  I met his co-workers and they let me draw on the white wall.  It was a great day and I remember it like it was yesterday.

What appears from the outside as just “one day” and may not seem that important, however, to a child – it can mean the world.  And for me, it sure did.

Today, We have the pleasure of having James Lewis visit DirectHR. He is returning this year and his mother Tiffany informed us, he was very excited from the very moment he woke up.  We know that James will remember these visits and we are feel glad we are able to give him this experience.