Preparing for that First Interview – Smile you are on Camera!

Driving to your first interview seems like something of the past.

Now, you are sent a TEAMS or Zoom link, and then LIGHTS, CAMERA – ” You are on Mute”

Preparing for your first interview is very SIMPLE, just be prepared. If you are not prepared for an interview, you are sending a message, I am just not interested. I always wonder why a candidate would not prepare for an interview or admittedly states they have not done a lot of research.  Everyone appreciates the honestly but you are probably not going to get a second interview.

Interview Key Steps to Success

  1. CAMERA On? – Are you dressed for the interview? Even though we are in a Remote World, clients still want to see a professional attire.  Taking a Zoom in your car… really not a good idea – again sending a message, I am too busy to get to a desk.  Wearing a Hoodie? again, not the best presentation.  Luckily you only have to think about the waist up.  Dress for the role you want, not the one you have.
  2. WHAT DO THEY DO? – Be prepared to know about the company, what they do. Most companies will list their core competencies. I would definitely recommend knowing what they are and some how use some of that when describing yourself.
  3. WHO ARE YOU MEETING – Very simple – go to LinkedIn and see who you are meeting, maybe there are some similarities with backgrounds, college, interests.
  4. WHY You ? – Yes you are trying to sell yourself but you are also needing to let them know – WHY are you interested in them?
  5. LISTEN – Yes you may be nervous but make sure you pay attention the questions you are being asked.  I always recommend the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when being asked situational questions.

You can also take it even further. Reach out to someone at the organization. This works very well with sales reps since all sales reps love to talk about what they do.  After you have done all your research, you may learn that maybe this is not for you. That may save yourself from taking a position and in 3 months realizing it is not for you.  Even better, you may realized you really want the position and you learned so much about the organization and that will come through in your interview.

Good Luck and Most Important – Step #6.

6.  CLOSE for the ROLE, the interview or next step.

7.  Send a well thought out Thank you.  If you send a one line thank you then chances are you are not that interested either.

In today’s market, you are most likely being compared to a least 4-5 other candidates.  Think through your next interview and differentiate yourself.