Is Honesty the best Policy when looking for a New Position?

As a recruiter, we are in the business of finding candidates for our clients.  Scheduling interviews is really hard when you are currently working. I also wonder what type of relationship the employee has with their company.   I always tell them to be honest when it comes to interviewing since your company can not fault you if this is something that you need and want.  Lying or taking time off for interviews is part of the process but if you are being honest with your employer, they can not fault you. Sometimes, candidates feel they will be fired for looking for a job, however, I would tend to disagree.

Honestly is a policy that I give to my new hires on day 1.  My conversation is pretty straight forward; I ask for respect and the honest truth. I have owned this company for almost 25 years and always amazing on those that are honest and how their careers have grown.  If you are not being honest by calling out sick and going on an interview(s), maybe I need to re-evaluate my relationship with that employee.   However, this has worked and my policy will always remain the same:  We enter in a partnership, I will train you on a career, and I ask for honesty back.

Maybe the next time, you are going on an interview, speak to your manager, you may just be pleasantly surprised on the conversation.