Clients – Why hire Direct Sales Recruiting?

Direct Sales Recruiting, LLC is my company, so why hire us?  We are great at what we do.

Of course, as the owner I am going to say that, yes but it is true.  Wee have build a fantastic process which streamlines the hiring process to find the best and most qualified talent fast.  We provide a personalized service to all our clients making them feel they are our only client.

What we offer to our clients.

  1. Preparation – Prior to any search we meet with the hiring manager to really understand the role as well as culture. You must have the right candidate but equally they must fit the culture to truly have a win win!  We also have extensive competitive lists of candidates and companies.
  2. Partnership – We provide an honest and ethical partnership. We are representing our clients in the market which is a great advantage since we are able to provide competitive market data to every client so they understand where their company and role fits with other open positions of similar levels of compensation.
  3. Diversity – We strive to provide a diverse candidate pool to every role we fill.  DSR is also a 100% Certified Diversity Supplier (WBE).
  4. Time – We typically fill roles with 2-4 weeks of getting a requisition.  Our clients appreciate DSR since we never over prepare candidates for a role.  We realize you are hiring them and need to see the true candidate, not us.
  5. Dedication – Our clients have used our services some for over 20 years since we put our heart and dedication to our work.  We are dedicated to them and they are to use.
  6. Fair – Our Rates are very fair and every hire has a guarantee. Pay us what you pay your other agencies and we will rise to the top.  I like a little competition as we are all competitive in nature.

We offer both contingency and retained searches for our clients and will fit your needs since we are flexible.

Reach out to me to learn more.