Resume Tip: Contact Information

Resume Tip:  Contact Information

By: Deborah Bruno, President, Direct Sales Recruiting/Direct HR

Nov 10, 2014


The content information is the first thing Recruiters look for on a resume.  Is your name legible? Is it easy to find?  Make sure when you create your resume you have your name, address and contact information appearing on the top of the resume.   Your name should be slightly larger in font than the address.  Keep the font style simple and easy to read.  After your name, you should include your address, followed by your contact information. In same instances, I have seen the address on the bottom of the resume in a text box.  Having your name predominate on the top of your resume along with your address is key.   We rely on this information to call you, email you, and see where you live in respect to the position we are hiring for.

You may be surprised to find out that we find some resumes are missing contact information as well as an email address.   It may be human error, but never forget to have your email address on your resume.   Not only is your email important, but what your email is – is equally important.

Here is a little more about what I am referring to about an email address:

Years ago when I first started in the industry, I had submitted a candidate to a client.  The candidate had a fantastic background and great qualifications.  However, I received a call that the client was not interested. I could not understand why.  It was brought to my attention that his email address was not professional for a resume.

Even to this day, we still see emails addresses that are not appropriate to put on a resume. Many of us may have an old email that we do not want to give up and these email addresses show some character and can reflect something about who we are.  However, this may not be appropriate for a resume so please re-think your email before listing on your resume. The best suggestion I can give is to have an email address that contains your name in it.

Another suggestion to your website content information is to have your LinkedIn email address. With the explosion of social media, companies can reference LinkedIn before an interview is scheduled.   Your contact information should be clear. If you are sending your information via email, ensure you have hyperlinks so the prospective client has a fast and easy way to email you.

Here is an example:

Deborah Bruno

413 King George Road, Suite 203

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

908-604-6400 |

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