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  Medical Device Orthopedics - Red Bank, NJ - Red Bank, NJ  
  Enterprise Sales Merchant Services All Verticals - Seattle, WA  
  Account Executive Major Market Corporate Housing Sales - Bridgewater, NJ - Bridgewater, NJ  
  Outside Sales Title Insurance Sales Associate - Trenton, NJ - Trenton, NJ  
  Medical Sales - Tissue Graft / Biologics - Wound Care - Cleveland, OH - Cleveland, OH  
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Welcome to Direct Sales Recruiting, LLC & Direct HR.

We bring meaning to the concept of sales staffing and high frequency placements. We find the best solutions for our client organizations fast!

We partner with our clients to learn about their culture and hiring needs and We identify the best candidates that match their profile and qualifications.

We strategically link the two together and create a win-win solution for our clients and our candidates.

Direct Sales & DirectHR: Winning the business of both clients and candidates nationwide.


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The key drivers to building a successful sales team in a competitive marketplace starts with finding the right candidates. Hiring a Direct Sales force for our clients is our specialty. Beyond being an outside resource, Direct HR builds true business partnerships with their clients to understand and compliment their human resources and business strategy efforts in a growing and expanding market.


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