Thanksgiving and the Holidays are here – Good time to look for a new career?

The holidays are here, so does it make sense to look for a new position?

Well that all depends. The fourth quarter of each year is usually the busiest for many companies so this does make it difficult to find a new career while you are trying to get that last sale in. If you feel you are having a great year and do not want to jeopardize some sales, my advice is to wait to January.  However, there are many companies that are expanding for 2016! If you decide to wait, you may be missing out on a great opportunity.

Most companies do a large majority of their recruiting at the end of the year since their budgets have been set for the following year.  This does make it tough to find good talent however, great talent is out there.

My best advice as you enter into the holiday season is, you should look at some great career opportunities but be selective!