Finding A Career: To use a Recruiter or Not? That is the question…”?”

Should you work with a Recruiter or Not?

I have been questioned on several occasions by candidates if they would have a better chance of getting a position if they did not work with a recruiter (me).   In my opinion, Candidates have a less chance getting hired if they went direct verse working with a Recruiter.  What candidates need to realize is that recruiters are hired by companies to find top talent.  For the most part, we are paid on a contingent or retainer basis. This is a pre-arranged contract between the agency and company.  Companies that engage with recruiters see the value recruiters bring to the table.  We are paid to deliver them the ideal profile that matches the job description.   Our compensation has no reflection or impact on how you are paid. We are seen as an added resource in partnership or extension of a company’s HR Department.

Here are some great reasons why working with a Recruiter will give you a competitive edge:

  • Have you ever applied to a position on a company’s web site and never hear back?  Probably. There could be a few reasons why.  First, if you are applying to a role that you are not qualified for, that would be the most the obvious reason.  However, if you are the ideal profile and still have a chance you will not be contacted.  Why? If you apply to an open position on a company’s web site; you are now in the very large pool candidates that have also applied to that same position.  For every one posting on a companies web site, 1000’s of applicants will apply.  Shifting through those resumes is very time consuming.  Approx. 95% to 98% of the applicants that apply to a position are not qualified.  This results is many hours for Corporate Recruiters.  Companies will hire recruiters to do the work to find the right candidate.  Remember, we are only paid if we deliver.


  • Have you ever gone on an interview and after the interview say to yourself, I do not want to do that?  Most Corporate Recruiters may bring you into an interview without reviewing the position in detail as they may assume since you applied to the role and are interested.  Outside Recruiters can give you a good insight into the role, the day to day activities and requirements.  Remember, we want to send in ideal candidates, therefore we will ensure not only that the client will be interested but the applicant is also interested in the role.  Both the Company and Candidate are our clients – we want both to be satisfied.


  • Have you every gone on an interview and never heard back or told you are a pass?  If you apply direct, chances are, no one is giving you the preparation you need to be successful on that interview. Corporate Recruiters will expect you to be prepared since you applied to the position. If you work with a Recruiter, there could be key information you may need to know for the interview.  Sometimes it can be something as a simple reminder as sending a thank you after your interview.


Good Luck! and Happy Interviewing.