Recent College Grads – Social Media – Who’s looking at you?

New College Graduates: Who’s looking at your profile?  eyes

Most if not all college students are most living in a world connected to Social Media.  Social Media is a great way of self expression to show the world what you about, what you do and how you do it.  These platforms allow us to express our freedom of speech through posts, pictures, sharing, “likes”, “thumbs up” and tweets/re-tweets.  Social Media is a great way to connect to more people in the world (professional and personal) than ever before.  However as college students come to the end of being a student, they are soon faced with the realization that it is time for them to find a career?

LinkedIn: This site has become a validation for your resume and prospective companies will  “view” your profile prior to an interview.  If you are not on LinkedIn, you should be.   Your profile on LinkedIn should match your resume and there should be no inconsistencies.  If you are interviewing, you can use LinkedIn to find information about the company as well about the person you are interviewing with.  You can also see other connections that also work with the company that you may know.

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Not only will I show you how to use LinkedIn to find a career, I will educate you on how companies are searching for you!

Just something to think about the next time you decide to post something.